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 We're backkkkk.

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We're backkkkk. Empty
PostSubject: We're backkkkk.   We're backkkkk. I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 9:16 pm

Hello Fellow Facecrafters,
Now, you may be wondering, "Chedaboy, what the fuck man you griefed the server," while this may be true, me, knives, and Opdelta have recently apologized to eachother and all admitted our wrongs. That's besides the point though, unfortunately Facecraft will most likely not be coming back for a while, BUT I do have good news, we will have a one day only Facecraft christmas reunion, that's right all your favorite people, and YOU are invited so far Me, Op, Midas, Viind, Random, Knives, Dark, and Taffy are coming we're planning on getting pro, and flays to come. That's not all though, YOU'RE ALL INVITED!!! The server may either be held on Midas's server, or ops, we don't know yet we're just working on the map, more info will be released in the future. -Chedaboy P.S. I am very sorry about the griefing, don't let my excitment fool you. Cool
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We're backkkkk.
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